Traps can be placed in castles and tunnels
Traps can be placed in castles and tunnels Jul 08

Traps can be placed in castles and tunnels

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The reduced level of those two players gets to select is participant first. He'll face a screen with 8 individuals, every one will have his stats which are important to this game exhibited over him, (assault, strength, defense, hitpoints, array, magical, hunter, agility, thieving, structure ).

Each captain has 30 minutes to choose. In case he fails to pick a person the highest level individual will be automatically selected. Selection goes like this until groups are complete. Now the captains have two minutes to select roles for all of the players. They are made to make two two defenders, and one healer. Should they fail to select the entire group, roles will be chosen by the game.

The Setup: I ripped this component straight from Castle Wars and Barbarian Assault, not going to lie. Same foundations as castle wars, instead of a flag you have the center stone. No respawn safe zone, no health packs. You respawn in the center stone. Boxes for snare supplies, runes, and barricades downstairs out of that. Tunnels would stay in, but are more complicated and might have places where agility would have to be used.

Traps can be placed in castles and tunnels. You would see building areas just like in construction. I visit the tunnels being much more complicated the castle wars however, and with no rockslides, (I hate those noobs). The center stone is located in the middle of the base and contains 250 hitpoints. It's suggested that they bring both scope and melee weapons because the center stone has the capacity to use protection prayers.

Although their main objective is to kill the heart stone, they can also attack the defenders that are trying to stop them. Each defender kill fixes your heart stone 20 hitpoints. Traps can be walked carefully for those experienced in the abilities of thieving or agility.

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