This is fought by using clan chat
This is fought by using clan chat Jul 28

This is fought by using clan chat

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This allows mage to have more runes to use and 95 slayers make consistent money. Tactics for VAs. Firstly safespotting these will not be effective, you must constantly avoid th area attack. Protecting the range is needed which leaves you open to mellee attacks unless you foguht in mellee.

I don't know where to put the story's start point, or even the location for the story. This is a problem because backstories are my specialty. That's the end of it. You can't really judge until I'm done. This is fought by using clan chat. The leader of the clan determines what percentage of NPC fighters will be in the game. Then, you begin.

The fortresses are separated by large distance, and there is an open field between the two. The battlefield is divided into eight sections, with an orb at the center of each section. To manage a section, you must clear the orb and adjacent squares of enemy, then touch it.

You can control it by holding it for 20 seconds. The fortress base is where players can respawn. Players are able to use the teleportation pad and move to an zone they have control of. NPCs appear throughout the fight in the base area or in an orb that you control. Your team could comprise up to 20 players and 180 NPCs.

Armor: You can bring your own armor, weapons as well as arrows and runes. There are 30 armor pieces and weapons to be found on a table at your base. It could be bronze, Barrows or a wizard costume, Ahrim's or even leather or a leather smock, but you'll get the idea. I'd guess they won't be friends when they engage in this.

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