In the event of an EuroLeague game
In the event of an EuroLeague game Aug 02

In the event of an EuroLeague game

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It would be interesting to see all the G-League teams participating in the PlayNow mode. G-League teams will add an additional element of content to the game. Also, the G-League rosters being in the game will make it easier for players to create custom rosters.

In the latest iterations of NBA 2K, there has been a feature that permits users to create rosters and upload their rosters to the cloud, so that other players can download them. The majority of creators would like to make G-League rosters with precise statistics for the players.

This could be a time-consuming task, especially if thousands of players are needed to make the roster. This will reduce time and allow roster builders time to get the specifics right.

EuroLeague Teams - EuroLeague teams used to play in the game, however the EuroLeague rosters were removed in NBA 2K18. It wasn't logical. The European game style was fun to play together as a team.

The EuroLeague rules differ from the NBA's. The 3-point line is shorter this makes it difficult to effectively defend the perimeter. In the event of an EuroLeague game, it's an extremely satisfying moment to cross the edge.

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