Find out how to unlock Raphinha here
Find out how to unlock Raphinha here Aug 06

Find out how to unlock Raphinha here

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Everything you should be aware of the "What If" Promo.The highly anticipated promo has finally arrived.FIFA 21's latest promotional is now landed.Fans were left wondering what is to be revealed, but we need to be patient no longer.Find out everything we know about What If below.Release Date.The new promo began on Friday, 26 February at 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT.

The first set of What If cards will be accessible for a week only.What is What If? Different from the popular player-driven items featured in Ones to Watch or Headliners, What If introduces a new wrinkle by presenting team-oriented objectives that should these players' teams succeed, will see the already enhanced items receive an additional OVR +2 stats boost.

For midfielders and attackers, the name of the game is that they'll score six total goals during their next 5 league matches (effective as soon as they are removed in-game).For goalkeepers and defenders it is their goal to score 1 clean sheet any time during their five league matches.The information will be updated the following Wednesday following the end of their five domestic league games.

Team 1.The Team 1 is on sale in packs now.As expected, Alejandro Gomez is the Sevilla star on the team, however, his 90 rating is trumped by an N'Golo 91 Kante.Keep an eye on Chris Smalling, too, since we have seen how good his special cards can be in the past.

Take an in-depth look at What if Team 1 here.There is already a What If SBC card you can unlock.Leeds United's flying winger Raphinha is the recipient of a fantastic new card and you are able to add him to your team now.Be beware, however, that it is only available for a limited time.Find out how to unlock Raphinha here.

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