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We appreciate your time

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They're not worthy of your attention when they employ my methods such as appearance, level and name. There's one thing left to consider: how they talk to us. Not only grammatically correct, but in a friendly, caring way. This is my turn to listen to the 23 Woodcutting Man and talk to him. This does not mean that the Forum Mods are to blame.

Is it Really Worth It? Is it worth it? Although some people seem to be experienced and friendly due to their appearance, combat skills and stats do they make them more valuable than new-players, average players, or even merchants?

On the other side, people with names not that fit my character (I'm an experienced combat-skiller), or who don't 'tlk like the noob' might be less worth talking to, unless that they are in dire need of help or assistance, which is a different matter.

A Few Questions. This should have encouraged you to think about how to meet people and how you can make yourself appear to them. It is a good idea to answer these questions before you leave! Do you think you are judging someone after you meet them? If yes, what is the reason? If not, then why not? If not, then why not?

What are you most likely to be seen as to others? Are you averse to making lots of friends or picky about who you choose to be your Friends List? What are the best ways to decide whether to make acquaintances with someone you don't like? We appreciate your time.

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