It's not a secret that it's an EA game
It's not a secret that it's an EA game Aug 23

It's not a secret that it's an EA game

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Many of the issues in the series on the field have been addressed extremely well. Run defense was too difficult to tackle in last season's entry. But it has seen a tenfold improvement since then. In open field, tackling has improved animation, and less unrealistic tackles, which made the adversaries leap through the air like super-heroes. Basic movements can be performed using the right stick, which means that avoiding opponents feels more intuitive unlike before. It results in a smoother and more comfortable running.

This is by far the most buggier entry in the Madden series in recent times and that's not a bad thing, as this year's Madden had no head players roaming around and massive glitches where huge lines would be seen running across the screen, as if players were playing on a plasma TV from the past.

The most frustrating thing about this endless sequence of glitches, is the fact that it causes issues in the game's gameplay. When the framerate is dropped at a certain time it is possible that players not catch their catch or even kick.

There is no doubt about it. being the most significant improvement between NFL 21 and NFL 20 is the evolution of graphics. If the camera is zoomed out, it's as the players are actually watching an actual match. The character models of characters are so detailed , they look like cutting-edge even though the characters at the sides look similar to NPCs from PS2 and the fans in the bleachers appear more like cardboard cutouts.

It's not a secret that it's an EA game, and EA games will work precisely as they are designed to. It's not shocking to find micro transactions in games, however, it's offending when they're in faces of players , and are a part of all menus. Even without spending a lot of cash (after spending more than $70 for an app that's full of bugs,) playing the game becomes a slow, tedious, and irritating grind.

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