The 15 Best NBA 2K Games Ranked by Metacritic
The 15 Best NBA 2K Games Ranked by Metacritic Sep 02

The 15 Best NBA 2K Games Ranked by Metacritic

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It's obvious that NBA 2K is the best basketball game franchise. Appropriately debuting with NBA 2K, it became an instant threat to EA Sports' NBA Live which was the highest point on the food chain in the early days.

2K defeated Live repeatedly over the years that EA had to call off games and restart their series. With over 20 years worth of entries, it's worth it to look back on the times the days when NBA 2K was at its best. The games were evaluated by Metacritic and are among the top-rated ever in the history of the game.

Kevin Pantoja updated this article on June 29, 2021. It's worthwhile to take an extended look at the history of NBA 2K. Every game has received some form of critical acclaim, and some of them are among the most successful basketball games ever produced. It's an excellent way to know which NBA 2K game is the best.

By this point, it was evident that the NBA 2K franchise was lightyears ahead of NBA Live. Although the 2009 version of the EA Sports game was solid, NBA 2K9 just kept adding to an already outstanding legacy. NBA Champion Kevin Garnett was on the cover of this issue.

The reason for the positive response was how realistic the game was. The gameplay was top-quality, but other aspects such as halftime shows and the commentary were outstanding, and the HD visuals were the best to that point. One thing that was not great was the fact that it didn't have numerous new features.

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