He sought out professional opinions
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He sought out professional opinions

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Music was a constant aspect of his life and he laughed when he recalled that he was the sole college student who didn't major in music to have keys to music rooms."I bothered the music people and they gave me keys to the rooms for grand pianos," he said.

"I simply wanted keys so I can play the grand pianos. They let me." Kaczrowski overcomes the issues with reading and graduate from St. John's in 1998 with a degree is psychology.

Kaczrowski started his career in Maple Grove as a high speed laser printer operator when he was 26 years old. He was feeling that he was experiencing difficulties on the job because the volume of noise and bright lights were draining his energy, and he was unable to evaluate his performance.

He sought out professional opinions. A neuropsychological test proved the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome (see sidebar). Then, he was given independent verification from the University of Pittsburgh through a series of tests and studies.

At that time, Kaczrowski was laid off from his job. He focused his attention on other hobbies, such as playing chess during the time in which he was without work. He developed a large-scale chess game that combined old and modern pieces. The game can be played on huge boards and comes with a manual, which includes a mythical legend.

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