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What is an Ad Network?
An ad network is a company that places ads on different websites to help businesses find people who are likely to be interested in their product or service.

For example, if you are looking for a new car, you might see ads for car manufacturers on the websites you visit - like on the Vanguard, Punch, or any other site that has advertising space.

In other words, Ad Networks like NG Adverts create a central interface where Advertisers can place their ads and those ads automatically gets displayed on thousands of websites that have provided their web spaces to NG Adverts to help them monetize.

To make the most of advertising on Ad Networks, you will need to have:
1. A clear advertising goal (to create awareness, get new customers, pay only when people take action etc)

2. Well designed banners/graphic image that will help you achieve the goal of your ad campaign

3. A well thought-through landing page and follow-up process

If you want to get more leads and sales from our millions of daily visitors, then simply visit and Sign Up.
You will also get N1,000 free advertising credit.

To your success!

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How to easily get your ads on thousands of high traffic websites like Vanguard, Nan News, Punch and many more

1. Sign up on

2. Fund your account to enable your ads run on the network

3. Determine your advertising goal whether it is to get traffic (CPC), conversion(CPA) or just get exposure(CPM/CPV).

4. Design your banners to align with the goal you want to achieve.
Ensure they are well designed to get the attention they need on website pages

5. Set your targeting to increase your chances of achieving your goal.

6. Monitor your ad campaign performance and make adjustments from time to time until you get optimal results from your campaign.


The Online Advertising industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is open to anyone who wants to be part of it.

Do you want a new/complimentary traffic source?

Would you like to learn how to position yourself and take your cut from this industry?

Would you like to become an Ad Network expert?

Would you like to learn the step by step process on how to plan and execute ad campaigns for other businesses?

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We will be giving out free advertising units to members of our community to start advertising on NG Adverts.

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PPC stands for pay-per-click and is an advertising model in which a publisher is paid every time someone clicks on an advertiser’s link.

Advertisers can potentially save a lot of money as they only have to pay per click, and those clicks may end up giving them more than they pay for.
Publishers end up getting a decent chunk of revenue from this model.

In this post, you will learn some unique strategies you can use to improve your PPC Ad Campaigns.

We know you will get value from this article -

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5 Unique Strategies To Improve Your PPC Campaigns - NG Adverts

5 Unique Strategies To Improve Your PPC Campaigns - NG Adverts

PPC campaigns are a good advertising model for both publishers and advertisers. Learn some unique strategies used to improve PPC Ad Campaigns
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NG Adverts is an Ad Network that makes it easy for Advertisers to display their adverts on thousands of websites on the network.
With our service, you can jumpstart your advertising campaigns even with a small budget.

We have different pricing options (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPD and CPV) that enable you reach your desired goal and maximize every dime you spend to reach new leads and customers.

Setup your first ad campaign by visiting and signing up as an Advertiser.

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