We know that top on the list for every publisher is how they can make money from their website.

So if you are already displaying ads from NG Adverts, here are 2 extra things you can do to increase your earnings:

1. Add VideCPV) Ads To Your Site
Many Publishers are stuck to the good old standard banner sizes and don't seem to try out new ad types when we launch them.
Also, the use of Video Ads are beginning to increase as Videos are much more expressive and communicate messages better in a short time compared to other ad types.

So if you don't have at least one video ad unit on your website, do so and see what happens to your revenue.

2. Refer An Advertiser or Publisher

An easy way to increase your earnings is by referring prospective Advertisers and Publishers to sign up via your referral link.
This is a one time action that can have you earning as long as your referrals' accounts are active.

Do you know that there are Publishers who earn substantial revenue monthly just from their referral commissions alone?
If you understand how affiliate marketing works, then you'd know that an easy way to increase your revenue is by leveraging on other people's activity once you get them to sign up via your link.

To learn how to get your referral link, go through this KnowledgeBase article - https://ngadverts.com/docs/how....-can-i-earn-from-ref

I look forward to get your feedback on these tips I have shared with you.

To your success!