How To Buy Products and Pay For Services On YuSocial - Free Of Charge

Would you like to learn how you can access products and services on YuSocial for free?

One of the outstanding features of YuSocial is the Point System; a unique system used to reward all YuSocialites for their engagement on the network.


How The Earning System Works

You earn points from your different activities like making posts and reacting to posts.

The points you earn from your activity are automatically converted to money in your YuSocial Wallet

....yes, every account on YuSocial comes with a Wallet.

Screenshot of YuSocial Points System


What You Can Do With Your Wallet Funds

  • You can use the funds in your wallet to pay for products listed on the Marketplace
  • Pay for ads on YuSocial
  • Upgrade your account to any of the PRO packages to access more features
  • Share it with anyone on the network

YuSocial Wallet


How To Earn More Funds Into Your Wallet

  • Invite your friends
  • Organize and take part in contests
  • Share engaging, viral content

...there's a whole lot more.



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