What YuSocial Is And How To Make The Most Of It

If you want to understand what YuSocial is and how it works, this is the article to read.

What Is YuSocial?

YuSocial is a social marketplace where you can connect with friends, share your news, photos, videos, audio, voice notes, buy products and services and best of all, earn points you can use to access more features.


How Does YuSocial Work?

  1. When you engage (Like, Share, Comment, Make a post etc) and stay active on YuSocial, you earn points.
  2. Your points are automatically transferred to your YuSocial wallet.
  3. You can use your wallet earnings to purchase products from the YuSocial Marketplace, subscribe to any of the YuSocial PRO packages or simply share it with your friends.


YuSocial Features

YuSocial has tons of features which makes it outstanding:
1. You can create your own page
2. You can create your own group
3. You can create Events
4. You can create your Blog
6. You can upload your product in the Marketplace for free
7. You can boost the post from your personal account without using a page.
8. You can play games
9. You can watch movies
10. You can create Job vacancies
11. You can ask for crowd funding on your project or social cause
12. You can use your earnings to boost or promote your posts or even transfer it to someone else.

...and many more features you should explore.



What Is The Difference Between Free and Pro Accounts?

The major difference is that apart from the extra features(like boosting posts and a premium badge) that PRO accounts can access, free accounts are limited to how many points they can earn daily while PRO users don't have any limit.


Is YuSocial limited to only Nigerians?

No, YuSocial is open to anyone around the world.


Do I Have To Pay To Use YuSocial?

No, YuSocial is free to use; however if you want to access more premium features, you need to subcribe to one of the PRO packages.


Can I Transfer My Earnings Into My Advertising Wallet?

Your points are automatically converted into your wallet and you can use them to run ads on the YuSocial network for free.


What Will I Get When I Invite My Friends To Sign Up?

When you use your referral link to invite your friends, you earn commissions everytime they subscribe to any of our PRO packages.


Does YuSocial Have An App?

Yes, you can download the YuSocial app from Google PlayStore; the iOS version is in the works.


So sign up, invite your friends and start enjoying YuSocial - https://www.yusocial.com/


Post Updated: 10th November, 2022.

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