Basic Longrich Terminologies

Every business or trade has terms or jargon used in it. Learn about the frequently used terms in Longrich from this post.
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PV - It means Point Value. Note every product has an assigned point valve irrespective of the Price. It could be 1,3,3.2 etc

Back Order - purchase of a product without immediate collection from a stockist

Sponsor - this is Your upline, someone that joined before you Upon registration

Placement - your downline, It could be more than one

Back Office - this is where you check what is happening under your legs and accumulated group PV ,you will have to login with a password

Membership Code - this is Given the day you join LONGRICH, it is unique and will be used by you or a trusted Friend to make purchase directly at company price

Distributor - the day you join LONGRICH, you have become a Distributor, Partner or Shareholder in LONGRICH and are entitled to car incentive, travel incentive, scholarship, house incentive subsequently as you go up the ladder.

Compensation Plan - this is what the company has in stocks for You as a partner for long as you Are following the rules

Recruiting - this means sharing your Business idea with as many People as possible, note everyone is a potential prospect
Please always share generously.

Prospect - people you share your ideas with are prospects

Stockist - someone who sells to distributors


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