Food For All Nations

How would you like to:
+ Earn cash you can spend on whatever you want monthly?
+ Get expense paid trips to Dubai?
+ Get a brand new car worth N5million?

...and lots more. Learn more below.
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The Basics

Food For All Nations (FFAN) is a Multi Level Marketing program where you earn both food and cash.
The FFAN program is solidly backed by Access Bank - one of Nigeria's top banks and also in 2 countries at the moment (Nigeria and Ghana).

Like many other MLM programs, you will need to refer people to build your network and earn. However, as a YuSocialite who joins FFAN through us, you don't need to worry about getting referrals as long as you earn enough YuSocial points which you can exchange for new FFAN accounts that we will register for you free of charge. You earn YuSocial points from your activity here on YuSocial.

The minimum amount of points needed to purchase a new account is listed above.

Please Note: You need to register at least one account for yourself through our team to qualify for our free referrals. In other words, the only cost you will incur in joining our team is the cost of one FFAN account without which we can't register new referrals under your FFAN account.

Visit the FFAN Compensation Plan page to learn about what FFAN has to offer.


How To Register

If this is your first account, you will have to register by making payments for your account registration where your new referrals will fall under. Get started by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button above and follow the directions until you complete your transaction via Paystack. You are free to register more than one account per time.

If you have already registered your first account through us, you can make subsequent registrations through your YuSocial points earnings. To use your points, select the YuSocial Points option as your payment preference.

Your order will be approved as long as you have the minimum amount of points needed for this order.


Terms & Condition

By signing up through our team, you license us to take 30% of your FFAN earnings which we reinvest into advertising and signing up new referral accounts to enable us move everyone on our network quickly to the top.


Questions & Enquiries

For questions and enquiries, do Join Our YuSocial Group OR our Whatsapp Group here - and a member of our team will respond to your questions.



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