About YuSocial

YuSocial is the evolution of social networking, that provides you a platform to tell your story, share your moments and build your brand.
By creating content that people love and can relate to, you can build and monetize your followership.


How Does It Work?

YuSocial runs a Point System that allows you earn from all your activities (Likes, Shares, Comments, Write Posts/Blogs etc) on the network.

Your points are automatically converted and saved in your Wallet. Funds in your wallet can be used to:

  • advertise on YuSocial at no extra cost
  • upgrade to any of our PRO packages
  • exchange for access to other  business products and services offered on the network


How Else Can I Earn On YuSocial?

You can earn through our Affiliate program. You earn 5% for life from the subscription of each user you refer to us, that subscribes to any of our PRO packages.

Your affiliate earnings are withdrawable in cash and are paid into the payment detail you provide; when it accumulates up to the minimum withdrawal threshold.


What Else Can I Do On YuSocial?

You can also:

  • Share stories
  • Find what's trending via hashtags
  • Add unlimited photos and albums
  • Add events
  • Filter contents by type (photo, video, text, place, music, survey, file)
  • Find new friends who live near you
  • Create groups and grow a thriving community
  • Create a page to promote your brand
  • Write blogs on topics that interest you
  • Watch movies and get entertained
  • Sell products directly online from our marketplace
  • Create a crowd-funding campaign
  • Create and find job vacancies
  • Meet other amazing people around the world and follow your interests.

...and so much more.



  • Who can join YuSocial?

    Any person aged 18 or over can join YuSocial.

  • How do I contact someone if my question isn't listed here?

    Please use the form on the "Contact Us" page to contact us or send us a DM via our official page - https://www.yusocial.com/yusocial.

  • Is there any fee or cost associated with joining YuSocial?

    YuSocial is a free social network and requires no upfront payment from anyone who wants to be a member.

  • Are there any minimum activity requirements? Will my account be deleted if I am inactive?

    There is no minimum activity requirement and your account won't be deleted if inactive.

  • How can I verify my account or page?

    To verify your account, go to your account settings here - https://yusocial.com/setting/verification and fill in the required details. You need to have a minimum of 5,000 followers to verify your personal account.
    To verify your business page, you need to have a minimum of 10,000 followers. Once qualified, contact us through our Official YuSocial page by providing the link to the page you want verified.

  • Where can I find my affiliate link?

    Once you are logged in, you can find it on the Affiliates page that is under the Earnings menu. On that page, you will also see the users who have signed up through your referral link.

  • Where am I allowed to post my affiliate link?

    We put no restrictions on where you may post and advertise your affiliate links. However, please be mindful of the policies of the sites you are posting them on.

  • How long does it take to receive the referral commission?

    The referral commission is automatically added to your wallet and paid out when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.


Still got questions? Reach out to us via our Official YuSocial page.



Every YuSocial user is solely responsible for any content he/she posts or uploads on YuSocial.