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Listen to Continental Radio Station - https://www.wavitude.com/track/KiuVDWJPBo1A2zt

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Gospel Minister Dunsin Oyekan drops another loaded single - One on One

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How to promote your music for free, grow your fan base and earn money.

The major challenge most artistes face in the music industry is being able to grow their fan base and make money.

If this is you, then worry no more.

Here is a step by step process on how you can promote your music for free, grow your fan base and earn money.

1. Visit Wavitude.com and sign up your free account

2. Upload your music. If you already have it on SoundCloud or ITunes, you can simply import it using the Import tool

3. Get active and earn points consistently. The points you earn are automatically converted into your wallet.
Visit https://www.wavitude.com/point-system to see a list of activities that earn you points.

4. Use the funds in your wallet to promote your song on the website to reach more fans.

5. Share your referral link. You earn money anytime people who sign up via your referral link subscribe to the Pro plan.
You can withdraw this earnings into your bank account or use it to promote your music the more.

This is the basic process.

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Conversation on funding and empowerment opportunities in Nigeria.

Listen here - https://www.wavitude.com/track/qyDMhLQit8yhFwt

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Dunsin Oyekan releases the video for his powerful new single - ROAR.

There is a sound precedes every move of God! This is that generation that will host all the dimensions of God.

An army is rising at the release of this sound…the stage is now ready for the greatest move of God in our time.

Are you ready to answer the call? ROAR!!

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